Company Overview

Founded in 1984, NCI is one of the top designers, manufacturers and vendors of metal coatings, components and buildings for nonresidential construction in North America.

Almost everywhere you look you can find products made by NCI. They're in schools your children attend, places where you worship, stores you shop in, and factories that make the goods you buy.

We primarily serve the low-rise market – five stories or fewer – which represents about 89 percent of the total nonresidential construction industry.

Our 39 manufacturing facilities – comprising over 5 million square feet of production space – make everything from roof and wall systems, structural framing and rollup doors to entire custom-designed multi-story buildings.

Our customer base is equally broad, including manufacturers and contractors, mining and energy companies, retailers, wholesalers, schools, governments and do-it-yourselfers.

Company Summary
NCI Building Systems Inc
Number of Employees
500 or more
(281) 897-7513
10343 Sam Houston Park Drive
Houston, TX